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What a great evening of food, fellowship and worship.  We had 55 people gathered tonight.  Kenny Smith from NYC was a blessing and encouragement to us all!  It was good to see so many new faces join us tonight.  God was present as wewere reminded that the greatest gift of love is our Lord Jesus Christ!


Tonight was the first night for our youth group!  We had seven kids and two workers come out for the first night.  A great evening of Bible study, music, games and snack!  Good to see children learning about the Lord!!


What a great day today at our Neighborhood Fair.  We estimate that about 200 people came out for food, music, crafts, and fun!  We preregistered 33 for Vacation Bible School next month.  Here’s a few pics from the day!  To God be the Glory!!!


God has been up to some wonderful things these last few weeks.  We had 3 baptisms on Palm Sunday and have seen guests and some members that have been away for a long time come back home.  God also really blessed our outreach efforts prior to our Easter Egg Hunt and Easter week services.

It is a wonderful reminder that God works in ways that don’t always add up.  When you do the right things by reaching out into your community,  He will bless that, even if it isn’t even with the people that you’ve tried to reach.  I believe that God sees our hearts and efforts and multiplies them.

It”s an exciting place to be when you can’t wait for the next Sunday to see what God is up to next.  Praise His name!!!


God has indeed been busy.  He has blessed us in so many ways.  We’ve experienced the joy of baptism, and rejoicing as new members have joined and have come to be baptized, the pleasure of fellowship with each other and with sister churches. 2010 stands to be the best year ever for Trinity Baptist.  It is my prayer that God will have His way with us so that He may do so much more than we have ever seen before.


August was a good month at Trinity Baptist.  God blessed us with three new members, one presented for baptistm, a great 5th Sunday Sing with our brothers and sisters from North Shore, King’s Park and Victory, Patchogue, and some great ministry through the V.O.T.E Visitation ministry.  There is so much more God is ready to do, I believe.  Prayer will be the key and the victory!


It is good to continue to see God’s hand at work and Him stirring hearts.  I was humbled to have my son come forward for baptism last  Sunday.   There is no better feeling as a dad than to see God work in the hearts and lives of his children.   It was a blessing to have another person come forward for a transfer of membership today. There are many others that are in various stages of decisions regarding church membership.  I am praying God will work in hearts so that we might see His kingdom impacted in a positive way.


It is encouraging to see God work in our midst and to see some fruit from the seeds planted through VBS, not only this year, but over the last 2-3 years.  God has blessed us with a couple families that were reached through VBS this year, and with several new guests within the last month.  We are seeing some results from our V.O.T.E Visitation ministry as well.  God is to receive the glory, for He is bringing the increase.  We are just asked to be faithful in going and in ministry and to leave the results to Him.  We are to focus on the Kingdom of God first, and the growth of the church will follow!


It was a wonderful week of VBS.  We had about 55 kids for our Family Night on Friday and had a good number of families for our VBS BBQ today.  There were several kids that prayed to receive Jesus and there are a lot of families with which to do follow-up.  Now the real work begins, seeing how we can minister to them and tell them how much Jesus loves them!  Our V.O.T.E visitation teams are ready to go to visit them.  May God bless our efforts as we do!!


Praise God!!  We had 71 last night for VBS.  God is doing some wonderful things this week and it is a wonderful time of excitement and encouragement for us.  Let’s keep praying that He’ll keep doing more of the same, and pray that God will give us the needed strength to do the best follow-up we can once VBS is over.